3 Ways to Sell Your House Fast

3 Ways to Sell Your House Fast

Are you trying to sell your home and are in a time crunch to get it done? Read these three tips before you put your house on the market! These will help you sell fast as well as get the most money for it, according to ATLfairoffer, who’s known for “we buy houses in Atlanta“.

Figure Out the Way You Want to Sell

Open Door recommends that you decide on the way you want to sell your house first. You can go through a real estate agent or sell it yourself. A real estate agent will help you during the negotiation and with the paperwork involved with selling your house. In return, most agents will take a 5-6% commission. The agent will usually split the commission with the buying agent. If you sell on your own, you will save money on agent fees, but will be in charge of all the negotiations and paperwork.

If you decide to go through a real estate agent, they will help you find the value of your home. They will provide a realistic amount you can offer your home for that will attract buyers without losing money on your home. If you choose to sell your home on your own, you will be in charge of appraising your home’s value and listing it on real estate websites. Many charge a flat rate or monthly fee to post your home on their site. Once you decide how you are going to sell your home, you can move on to the next step in the process: getting your house ready to show and sell.

Prep Your House for Showings

MoneyINC recommends hiring an interior designer to stage your home before you bring your agent to see the home. The interior designer can help you stage your home and recommend furniture and decor to invest in. Then, when the agent comes to appraise the value of your home, they can base the price on the showability of the home.

MoneyINC reported that interior designers have helped homes sell 80% faster than not hiring one. Designers have an eye for what buyers want to see, and can help advise you. Some tips designers give are to declutter the home of any personal pictures or knick-knacks. Also, repaint rooms to a neutral color so that buyers can better visualize themselves in your home.

Some interior designers also work with professional photographers, so they can stage your home to look the best it can for pictures. These pictures can help attract potential buyers more so than unstaged pictures.

Another important tip is to keep your house clean and show-ready. Once potential buyers are impressed by the staging in the photos, they will want to see the actual house. You could potentially lose a sale if the house isn’t kept up to impress buyers.

Reviewing and Accepting Offers

The final phase in selling your home is reviewing and accepting offers. While you may want to sell your house after the first offer you get, it is important to consider other offers you might receive if you allow a little time. Don’t wait too long, though! Your initial offer may change or be withdrawn if the buyer can’t wait or finds a house they like better.

Property24 lists the various types of offers you can receive from buyer.  You could receive a cash offer, when the buyer can pay for your house with cash outright. Typically, these buyers will be able to close in a matter of days rather than weeks since they don’t need to finance with the bank. These would be the fastest offers to take in comparison to other offers.

You could also receive a contingency offer, which usually means the buyer needs to sell their own home before they can purchase yours. These can be riskier than non-contingency offers since the buyer could back out if they cannot sell their own property. It could also increase the amount of time to close on your house since the buyers are waiting on the sale of their own home.

Some offers may also include a timeline, where the buyer needs to move into your home on a certain date. This may be sooner than you can accommodate, so think through all the offers on your house.

You can offer seller concessions, or allowances, to potential buyers as well. So, during the negotiations, you can offer allowances towards inspection fees, title insurance, or homeowner association fees for the first year. This will make your offer more attractive to potential buyers and reduce the amount of time spent on negotiations.

After you review all offers and decide on one, you can scheduling the closing! Closing depends on what kind of offer the buyer can give you. An all-cash offer can close in a few days, while buyers who are financing will need to wait a few weeks to get approved for a loan from the bank. Then you sign your title and escrow documents, which legally turns the house over to the buyer. Once you’ve finished the closing, you have successfully sold your house! Congratulations!