How to Fix an Oven Temperature Sensor

How to Fix an Oven Temperature Sensor

Oven-related problems can come in more ways than we care to admit, each with its own stressful headache but as with all things, there are solutions for the problems. The oven door may be jammed, electric circuit spoiled or oven temperature sensor inaccuracy. Solutions to these problems may be expensive, affordable, or inexpensive, based on the exact type of problem, according to ONEPRO Appliance Repairs, a local expert for appliance repair in Elizabeth.

A defunct oven temperature sensor can be an inexpensive problem, depending on the cause. In any case, knowing how to fix an oven temperature sensor can save you a lot of costs. But before we dive into the process of fixing, let’s quickly try to understand the causes.

Basically, there is a problem with the sensor when it gives you an inaccurate reading of the temperature of the oven, contrary to what is expected, or the actual temperature of the insides, and fixing this is easily done after successfully identifying the root of the problem.

Wrong temperature readings can really muddle things up for the entire cooking process by ruining the meal with unevenly done bits, or not even baking the item at all, despite the temperature sensor giving the readings for expected heat levels. 

How Do I Know There Is A Problem With My Oven Temperature Sensor?

The quickest way to know if a temperature sensor is the problem with your oven is usually when the oven is overheated or under heated, after preheating. Ensuring that the temperature sensor is right, is one of the reasons why people ‘test-run’ the first batch of cookies.

First, the oven may constantly be overheating. Secondly, the oven may not heat up at all. Either of these may actually seem like just enough reason to replace the whole set or request that a repair company sends over a professional technician to fix the damage.

Once there is a significant difference between the times of readiness for the first, second and third batches, without corresponding differences in the sensor readings, there is a problem with the oven temperature sensor.Sure, it may be slightly annoying to have an oven that doesn’t cook meals correctly or heat up at all, in your kitchen. Albeit, you can easily fix the damage.

How Do I Fix My Oven Temperature Sensor?

Fixing an oven temperature sensor may not always call for a need for the expertise of a handyman. However, in most cases, it is the problem that determines the solution, and according to CNET, there are two common problems that can be wrong with your oven, resulting from your temperature sensor.

Method One –Check the Components 

The oven is made up of several elements and fixtures that contribute to its proper functioning. If there is an error in one, like the gas ignition and heating elements, the oven temperature sensor may appear to be faulty.

In cases where the oven doesn’t heat up at all, or only parts heat up, you can check the heating elements and use a visual test to confirm if they are glowing red.

That is an indicator that the oven itself is hot, next is making sure the temperature sensor is not broken or misplaced. Confirming the components lets you know if the problem is with any of the parts, and should be replaced by a professional, or if it is a total overhaul for the set.

Method Two –Confirm the Calibration

To put it in simple terms, realignment. Most times, the cause of an oven temperature sensor’s inaccurate readings is the fact that the internal part of the sensor is touching the walls. This option is considered when you’ve confirmed that the heating elements and gas igniter responsible for producing the heat are properly fixed and functioning.

How do I know when to recalibrate my oven temperature sensor?

If you notice that the temperature sensor is touching the inside wall, then you need to calibrate it. Basically, make sure that no part of the sensor is touching the internal walls of the oven because it may assume the metal’s heat for the actual heat being supplied and as a result, produce inaccurate readings.

In cases where you’ve confirmed that the sensor and internal walls are not in contact, you can purchase a compatible replacement temperature sensor for the oven and simply fix it in.

Is There Any Other Way To Fix The Temperature Sensor?

Adjusting the thermostat after conducting a manual test with a tester while the oven runs at 300 degrees for about 25 minutes can help you understand if the oven temperature is right with the sensor. Your result determines if you need to recalibrate or replace the oven temperature sensor. 


There is no telling when or how your oven will break down but, knowing what to look out for goes a long way in fixing the problem. You can easily identify if the problem is the oven temperature sensor by checking the position and checking the heat.

Depending on the nature of the problem, it could be a quick fix or require professional replacement, and in some cases, a complete oven replacement. All in all, it is important to conduct a manual check to save your time, money and energy!