How Bad is Water Damage to a House?

Water Damage to a House

Keeping your home healthy and safe to live in is one of the top priorities for most families. They want to make sure that water will not get in and cause mold or other issues along the way. When they can keep the water away, the home is safe to live in. But how bad is water damage to a house?

Water damage can be bad for the home. It can lead to health problems, will cause damage to the appliances and furniture in the home, and interferes with the integrity of the home. It is best to avoid this kind of damage to the home, or you could end up very sick and having to spend a ton of money to fix the structural damage of the home.

With the help of the fine folks over at my local Louisville water damage restoration company (, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 reasons why water damage can be bad for your home.

1. Water Damage Interferes with the structural Integrity

Another issue that can happen with water damage to the home is that the water will start to interfere with some of the structural integrity of the home. Water is able to destroy the wooden floor, which can make them swell and will force you to replace them.

Wood is not the only place where a problem can happen. When carpeted floors are full of water, they can get moldy and damaged as well. It is hard to vacuum water off the floor and you are stuck with a mess and needing to replace the carpet.

This is just a start though. It is possible that the walls will get weak when they are exposed to water damage for a long period of time. The foundation can be ruined and the home can start to slant and fall over when the foundation has to deal with flooding and water that you do not take care of very well.

If the water damage gets to be too bad, the homeowner is going to need to do some foundation work on the home. This can get expensive, but if they do not replace and fix the foundation, it will result in the home being destroyed.

2. Water Damage can also Damage Appliances and Furniture

This is often one of the first casualties that the homeowner is going to notice when there is water damage in the home. With the assumption that there is leaking in the roof or some kind of flooding, your furniture, no matter the material that is behind it, will be affected. It can be even worse when you are dealing with some of your electronics. Those can not only be damaged from the water, but they could cause a fire in the home due to short-circuiting.

There are a lot of issues that can come up when you are dealing with water damage to some of the items in your home. They may swell and start to bend and break based on the material they are designed out of.

They can also turn a different color, short circuit and cause a fire in the home, or other issues. At the very least, they will get ruined and you will not be able to use that item again.

3. Water Damage leads to Mold and Health Issues

One of the biggest things to be careful about when it comes to water damage is that it will allow for mold to grow. Sitting water anywhere in your home or outside of it will create the perfect environment for molds to grow and have a lot of fun. And mold is never a good thing for humans to breathe in.

When the mold does make its way into the home, there can be the potential for some serious health issues for the occupants.

The molds are often found when someone in the home starts to have an allergic reaction when they are in the home for longer periods of time. Mold growth is also enough to cause some loss in the aesthetic value of the home.

It is able to leave some marks of the fungi, even when you remove it from the outside. These are not only a sign that there is a health issue present, but it is an eyesore and ruins the look of the home.

Understanding Water Damage

It is important to find ways to avoid water damage as much as possible. When you are careful about looking for water damage, moving any draining water away from the foundation of the home, and working with professionals will help.

Do not let water sit in your home!

Find the water damage as soon as possible and get it removed to avoid some of the problems above and to keep your home in good shape.